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Brief overview of the many benefits of Let’s Learn English for students, schools and business.

Brief overview 2

Studying with Let’s Learn English (1:21)

Find out what materials are covered in LLE and how we handle written compositions and speaking.

Teaching with Let’s Learn English (1:41)

LLE was produced by busy teachers for you. We help you find suitable material for your course.

Communicating with Let’s Learn English (1:41)

Use our social networking features for homework, projects, notes or information

Administering Let’s Learn English (1:33)

LLE is easy to administer offering complete control with comprehensive reports

Rebranding Let’s Learn English (0:39)

Integrate LLE with your school website more closely giving a familiar interface for students.


Study at your own pace, at your own level. Take a level test and then choose from our wide range of courses to improve your general English, or help prepare for your English language exam with our expert exam preparation courses.


Find appropriate online work for your students in seconds using our unique database of materials, cross-referenced to your coursebook, and then check their progress through our administration centre. Create your own digital materials using our authoring tools.


Replicate your physical classrooms with our online school, placing students in a classroom with their teacher. Administer your school using our quick and simple tools. Rebrand the website to look like your own school's platform.


Use our range of courses written by business English experts to improve the level of English of your staff. Ask us to create bespoke courses for your employees.