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How should schools use Let's Learn English?

Let's Learn English is an online self-access centre. Its use for schools is as a one-stop library of information and tests for students to supplement what they learn in the language classroom.

Students who have a particular weakness in their classwork can be guided to an area of the website, where they will find supplementary materials on just that weak area, to give them extra practice. As exercises are marked by the program, the student receives instant feedback on their efforts.

Alternatively, teachers can use one of the courses that Let's Learn English comes with to focus the attention of students on an area of English. They can create courses from the list of exercises in the database to suit the particular needs of their students. There are no limits to this facility and the creation of a course will take approximately ten minutes.

How can schools check students use the program?

Let’s Learn English has an administrative option which enables a teacher to monitor the progress of each of their pupils. The following information is stored for each student:

  • The last time they accessed the website
  • How long that student spent logged on
  • Which units they studied
  • How long they spent studying each unit
  • The results of each test they attempted (and up to 5 attempts at each test)