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Kinesthetic game for teaching vocabulary

Kinesthetic game for teaching vocabulary

Are you looking for a fun game to revise items of vocabulary, you have been teaching recently to your students? The “fly swatter game” is one of the best ways to review vocabulary while getting the whole class away from their desks and physically engaging in an activity. The flyswatters and fast pace make this vocabulary game really fun. The game has come from Spain, but it has become frequent game among teachers all over the world! I play this game with young learners, teenagers and adults, and all of them love it!

What is a Kinesthetic Learner?

Kinesthetic learners are natural doers. They learn best when they discover things by doing them.

Kinesthetic learners aren’t necessarily suited to the traditional classroom. They learn best when they are physically active, or through learning activities that involve active participation.

Required Materials

2 flyswatters
Blackboard/whiteboard/ or PowerPoint slides
List of target words

Set Up:

  • You simply create a bunch of flashcards for the target vocabulary you will be reviewing. Then, stick the flashcards onto the board in a random order and finally, split the class into two teams and have them line up in front of the board.

How to Play:

  • Each team sends up one person to the front and they are given a fly swatter.
  • Read a word aloud and the first student to find it on the board and swat it wins a point for their team!
  • To make it harder, you can also ask questions or definitions.
  • Don’t forget to only let the students only hit one word per turn to prevent them from hitting as many words as possible.

Using ESL games that allow the learners to see, do, and touch will help your kinesthetic learners enjoy the lesson and the whole class will be having fun while practising their English skills.

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