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Cockney Rhyming Slang- London’s Famous Secret Language

Cockney Rhyming Slang- London’s Famous Secret Language

Can you Adam and Eve it? Cockney Rhyming slang is without doubt an example of beautiful, creative and hilarious expressions of the English language.

Both poetic and utterly strange, Cockney sees a combination of odd phrases used to replace simple every day words.

Used since the mid-19th century by hard working class in the East End of London – the Cockneys, after which it is named — it is a treasure to behold.


Cockney Rhyming is a form of slang, almost like a code, that is commonly spoken in one area of East London. It involves saying a word, that means another completely dofferent thing just because it rhymes with another word, for example the word “look” rhymes with “Butcher’s Hook“, as in: “Give us a Butcher’s at your paper mate”.

Learn aspects of the Cockney accent and even take a little test at the end!


1. Rosie Lee – tea, as in: ” Cup of Rosie luv?” is one of the most well-known of all Cockney slang. In fact, it has broken out and is used all over Britain.

2. Apples and Pears – stairs, as in : “Let’s go up the Apples and Stairs”.

3. Adam and Eve – believe, as in: “She’s left me. I can’t Adam and Eve it!”

4. Dog and Bone – phone, as in: ” I”ll give him a ring on his Dog and Bone”.

5. Trouble and Strife – wife, as in: ” I have to go back home to my Trouble and Strife. It’s getting late.”

6. Bees and honey – money, as in: ” I have not much Bees and Honey today”.

7. Round the Houses – trousers, as in: ” Mum, could you wash my Round the Houses?”

8. Baked Bean – Queen, as in: ”The Baked Been is 91 years old”.

9. Custard and Jelly – telly ( television), as in:” There is nothing interesting tonight in the Custard and Jelly“.

10. China Plate – mate, as in: ” This is my China Plate, Peter”.



11. Loaf of Bread head, as in:” My Loaf of Bread is aching today”.

12. Plates of Meat – rhymes with feet, as in: ” Hurry up, put on shoes on your Plates of Meat!”

13. Fireman’s Hose, rhymes with nose, as in:” I have taken my Fireman’s Hose after my father”.

14. Mince Pieseyes, as in: ” I love your beautiful Mince Pies.

15. Boat Raceface, as in: She has oval Boat Race.

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